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Schedule a demo of RaceJoy to see how your race can offer live runner tracking, GPS alerts and cheers.

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Offer RaceJoy

Provide RaceJoy’s live tracking and cheers free for participants and spectators.

  • All basic features
  • Race logo in event listings
  • Unlimited linkable banner ads
Pricing Options
Event Size Under 10K 10K to 50mi
Up to 3,000 $350 $750
Up to 10,000 $950 $1,500
Up to 15,000 $1,750 $3,000

Call for events with greater than 50mi distances and more than 15,000 participants
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Please make sure to include:
  • 1. Name of the race event(s)
  • 2. Length of course distances
  • 3. Expected # of total registrants

Note: We require a minimum two-week lead-time to load race events into RaceJoy