PhoneTrak Events

These events are a simplified version of RaceJoy.
PhoneTrak events focus on the spectator’s sharing in the race experience on race day.

PhoneTrak Features:

  • Live phone tracking
  • GPS Progress Timing Alerts
  • Proximity alerts as a participant draws near
  • MeetUp mapping feature (great for large venues)
  • Fun and motivational audio cheer clips

*Both the participant and spectator need to purchase the $0.99 upgrade and participants must carry their phones during the race to experience these features.

PhoneTrak events may not be officially affiliated with the race and do not provide race timing alerts or results (these are only available for Featured Events, which the race contracts for these services). The course map loaded may not reflect any last minute changes made by the race event.

Why race alone when you don't have to?

  • Spectators can easily find you on the course and send you fun cheers!
  • Receive fun, encouraging audio cheer clips the days leading up to the race and on race day!
  • Supporting fans get audio cow bell alerts when you are coming near so they don't miss you!
  • Relay teams can know where one another are and when a team member is approaching to get the hand off!

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Important iPhone Settings

  • Notifications: Your device's notifications must be ON for RaceJoy, including Sounds, to receive progress alerts and cheers.
  • Location Services: The device you wish to have tracked must have Location Services ON for live phone tracking. iOS8 users must have Location Services ALWAYS ON for tracking to function (not "While Using"). Go to Privacy/Location Services to verify.
  • Background App Refresh: General phone setting Background App Refresh must be ON for GPS tracking to stay enabled.

*Apple does not allow the App to override your settings. Please ensure these are enabled so that you can experience RaceJoy's mobile features.

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