Training Days

By popular demand, RaceJoy is now offering Training Days so you can have friends and family track and encourage you on those especially challenging training runs/rides.

Current Training Days Features:

  • Live phone tracking
  • Proximity alerts as a participant draws near
  • MeetUp mapping feature
  • Fun and motivational audio cheer clips

*ONLY the athlete must purchase the Training Days subscription for tracking. The fee is priced low enough to encourage even the most frugal fans.

RaceJoy's offical product testers, Craig and Jennifer Barnabee.
Thanks for always being willing to go the distance!

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Important iPhone Settings

  • Notifications: Your device's notifications must be ON for RaceJoy, including Sounds, to receive progress alerts and cheers.
  • Location Services: The device you wish to have tracked must have Location Services ON for live phone tracking. iOS8 users must have Location Services ALWAYS ON for tracking to function (not "While Using"). Go to Privacy/Location Services to verify.
  • Background App Refresh: General phone setting Background App Refresh must be ON for GPS tracking to stay enabled.

*Apple does not allow the App to override your settings. Please ensure these are enabled so that you can experience RaceJoy's mobile features.

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